Friends Forever

Making friends is a vital part of growing up. As many children have trouble making friends for the reason they are shy, anxious, or uninformed on how to socialise. Friendships help kids build their self-esteem, confidence, emotional and moral development and boost social skills. Not only do kids learn how to communicate with others, but healthy friendships is highly crucial in helping them learn how to express their feelings constructively and control their emotions.

How can we help kids make friends? We take time to observe and understand how your child socialises, their interaction with others, to see whether or not the child has tough times starting a conversation, has anxiety when in large groups, or prefer to keep to his/herself and observe instead of joining in. They may fear public speaking which keeps them from engaging meaningfully with other children.

Depending on the behaviour we see, we can then decide where to focus our attention and form the specific skills needed to build.

We can teach your kids how to respond to friendly overtures and provide them with easy, safe opportunities to interact with friendly people. We can help them model positive social behaviour, build their social skills, co-operative play, and reinforce their confidence.

Watching our child go through the ups and downs of friendship is one of the toughest thing about being a parent. We all want our children to be able to make and keep friends; to be liked and likable. For this reason we are here.

Our volunteers can help children build friendship. Get in touch with KETRA and see how we can help your child build friendship with others in the Kingswood Community.